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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  January 20, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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from the first local station with news in high- definition, this is 9 news now. all eyes on the skies yet once again as another winter storm heads our way. meteorologist topper shutt in the weather center with the
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latest. >> just a little bit of light snow heading our way. we will start with what we think will fall. generally a trace to an inch. essentially from dc north and west. you folks in southern maryland will see no accumulation. the heaviest snow, 1 to 2 inches maybe as you get up along the maryland/p.a. border and that's where the advisories have been posted. 9:00 p.m. tonight until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. frederick. howard county. baltimore county. back into washington county as well. that's where most of the snow will follow. that's not very heavy. temps. 31 in haggerstown and martinsburg. produced a lot of snow in kentucky, ohio, back into missouri. heavy band of snow is actually passing to our north and west. secondary storm will develop off the new jersey coast. we will come back and tell you what that means to our morning
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commute. >> thank you, topper. also tonight in your only local news at 7:00 p.m., don't hate, appreciate. the chinese president making the case to lawmakers his country's rising tide will also lift american boats. metro reveals details of an armed robbery on the orange line. many arrested in manassas. i'm peggy fox in manassas where the a.t.f. and local law enforcers net 36 suspects in a major drug and guns bust. >> it was police everywhere. >> reporter: over the past two years undercover local detectives and a.t.f. agents made some 200 purchases of cocaine, crack, heroin and pot along with 85 guns. >> i'm glad they are off the street, the guns. >> anytime you take 85 guns off the street from career criminals, narcotics dealers, gang bangers, burglars, armed robbers, you make a community
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impact. >> reporter: this woman's brother-in-law was hauled away. >> it is awful. it is a misunderstanding. i know that he has nothing to do with whatever they are looking for. >> reporter: the a.t.f. says 95% of the suspects arrested are repeat offenders. >> hopefully one day it will be peaceful around here and cleaned up. i'm delia gonclaves outside of the stadium armory metro spot. metro police are confirming a robbery spree that started here at the station. december 23rd around 6:00 p.m. metro police say two 17 year olds boarded train and then allegedly put on masks and stopped robbing people up and down the cars. >> it is scary. to have that hidden is -- i didn't know anything about it at all. >> reporter: one woman is alleged to have pushed the emergency button but no one came to help. >> it seems like they just care
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about raising the fares. >> reporter: but metro says they not only helped, they solved the crime. the robbers got off at minnesota avenue where police caught up with them. i'm joel brown on capitol hill. the top republican declining a visit to the state senate dinner. today was a chance for all sides to find some common ground. >> reporter: the chinese president's warm reception turned chillier on capitol hill today. china's records on human rights and what they see as the unfair trade policies pressed the president on day 3 of his visit. >> i would hope the dialogue on all of these subjects will continue. >> reporter: during a joint press conference president obama said he too would challenge president hu on human rights. >> i have been very candid with
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president hu about these issues. >> reporter: after some prodding from reporters president hu admitted a lot still needs to be done in china on human rights. >> the main focus of president hu's visit is improving trust and trade between this country and china and they are pledging cooperation. china sound off on deals that will generate $45 billion in u.s. exports. virginia's governor bob mcdonnell promising to privatize state liquor stores. delegate, a democrat from arlington, filed legislation this afternoon. that move comes just one day after two republicans sponsored a similar bill in the senate where house democrats claim republicans were hoping the plan would just die. that way the blame would fall on the democrats who control that chamber. they hope that sponsoring the bill in the house will change the dynamic. flags flying at half staff
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today. a volunteer firefighter died. governor martin o'malley ordered state flags to remain at half staff until the funeral. a shooting that sent a toddler to the hospital. a washington county judge ordered that the 17 year old be tried as a juvenile. originally charged back in september as an adult. the gun was found by a 2-year- old child who accidentally shot himself in the chest. he did survive and is now in a rehabilitation facility. a 27-year-old dc man is behind bars tonight accused of stealing artwork from the ratner museum in bethesda. montgomery county police say
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daniel contitio stole six bronze sculptures earlier this week. those sculptures were found yesterday at a scrap yard. the art damaged beyond repair. police were tipped off to the suspect after he left his driver's licence at the scrap yard. >> it was extremely beneficial to detectives that montgomery scrap and recycling had required to see some form of identification and that this individual used legitimate identification. >> that's the biggest insult. he didn't want me art. how do i handle that? and in terms of scrap, you know, he got $150. >> turns out this is a story of a dumb and dumber criminal. he used his name and address and was arrested sleeping if his car at the wildwood shopping center a scant four blocks away from the gallery. if you left work at 4:00 p.m. and you're just now walking in the door at home, well, this will come as no surprise to you. dc has some of the worst, perhaps the worst traffic in
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the country. the texas transportation institute has released its annual mobility report and when it comes to time wasted stuck in traffic, we are tied with chicago for numeral uno. according to that reportdy drivers send 70 hours every year just sitting in gridlock and while they are doing that the average driver was wasting 57 gallons of gas. that is the worst in the country. senior transportation planner with the council of governments. lots of ideas on fixing the problem have been batted around for a long time. obviously not implemented or at least not well enough. wendy, thank you for coming in. we used to be number 2 on that survey every year. now we are number 1. you say they changed the methodology on us? >> there are a couple reasons for that. they changed the methodology. so that changed the rankings. and also, our economy has not gotten as worse as some of the others. so that moved us up as well. >> in other words if we were like detroit we would have very little traffic but then we would be like detroit.
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>> correct. >> let's talk about the fact that this city is number 2 in the country as well when it comes to using mass transit. so why isn't our traffic better? >> really, it will take a combination of reasons to manage congestion. you're not going to ever get rid of it and frankly you don't want to because of the economic benefits of having a growing economy. and there is a number of different things we need to do to get the traffic better. instant management. we need more people taking transit and we need better roads and safer roads. >> let's talk about roads. a lot of folks will say over and over again, you can't build your way out of this. have we really tried? aren't we way behind when it comes to roads? >> we are behind on everything. we are behind on the transit system. we are behind on the road system. one of the main priorities of the transportation planning board is to get metrorail fully funded. it is not fully funded for even rehab needs which can have implications for how well the system is running. >> if you had fully funded metro what would that mean?
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>> it would mean there are less cars on the road by 2040. our models show that. >> let's talk about big projects that could fix this thing. if you have unlimited money, three major projects you would do to make our project get better. >> let me speak for the transportation planning board and kind of priorities they have set. they would like to see better connections between land use and transportation. so if you plan land use, you plan land use in coordination with transportation. you can reduce some of the trips on the roads and get more people taking transit and walking and biking. bus priority. we think bus transit has got a great capacity to take up some of these trips and take some additional cars off the roads. and then better incident management. constructionmanagement around construction sites. >> in other words, things that block the roads have to be moved out of the way. >> right. if you can get that done faster. you've got a smoother trip then. >> thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. your insights are important. we hope some of the stuff can
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become reality before our traffic gets any worse. coming up on 9 news now the feds make the largest mafia bust ever. details on the multistate arrests. up next congresswoman gabrielle giffords hits another milestone in her recovery. we will tell you when she might be out of the hospital. stay with us.
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tomorrow gabrielle giffords will move to a rehab facility in houston. doctors in tucson are getting her ready and giffords continues to make astounding progress from the head wound she suffered in that shooting which claimed six lives. today she reached a major milestone in that recovery. >> she was able to stand on her own with assistance. we were able to put her in a chair. we put her in front of the window so she could see the mountains. >> tomorrow, a medevac jet will fly giffords to a houston hospital staffed by surgeons specializing in gunshot wounds
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to the head. houston is also where her husband mark kelly lives and works as an astronaut. it is being hailed as the largest round up of mobsters ever. and now more than 100 mafia members and their associates are underarrest. the massive operation covered several states and involved multiple agencies. authorities targeted the country's most notorious crime families all part of the network. 127 arrested and charged with a wide range of crimes in all. >> from murder to narcotics trafficking to extortion, illegal gambling, arson, loan sharking and labor racketeering. >> some mobsters were charged with extorting unions. coming up on 9 news now. will tonight's winter weather affect your ride to work in the morning? topper has that coming up in
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his forecast. but first. >> some recreation centers want you to use your finger to get in. i'm lindsey mastis. i will tell you about a new finger scanning system coming up.
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do you worry someone will cut off your finger and use it to get into your gym? that might sound extreme. a scanner the montgomery county
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is using. >> reporter: it is call a biometric finger scanner and it could save the county thousands of dollars a year. >> reporter: an i.t. specialist with the county. >> as a comparison the ribbons that we use to print the cards for the card printers are about $250 each. we go through several a year. >> reporter: some people are skeptical. >> i don't know exactly what they will do with it. for all i know they might give it to some sort of government agency. >> reporter: saying there is a broad misconception about the technology. >> it is finger vein, it is not finger print. a infrared light is passed through your finger and your vein pattern is all different. >> reporter: if you take a flashlight and bring it up to your fingers and look very closely you can see veins. that's what this machine is recording. >> if somebody does not want to do that, that's fine. they can keep their access card for as long as we have that program. and then we will also issue a little paper alternative.
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>> it is for convenience. faster. don't have to worry about a card. >> reporter: recreation staff at the only swim center says it has been successful so far. i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> montgomery county is testing the scanners and expect the pilot program to last about three months then they will decide whether all the recreation centers can get the scansers. america's favorite surveys survey. the capitol fifth rudest in the country. l.a. the first. followed by new york. philly, miami, then dc. baltimore came in at number 7. the magazine asked readers to rate 35 cities on 54 different features including affordable hotels, great restaurants and the personality of the locals. so do you agree with that survey? are people in dc just downright rude? send us your thoughts to mcginty's mail bag at or post on
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our facebook page that is a picture of the capitol but right now there is no snow on it. just a little later on this evening that could change. we are expecting snow to get started later on and that's why meteorologist topper shutt is joining me even as we speak to tell us what's on the way. topper? >> not much on the way. go right to the futurecast. notice how we see green on that map. s that rain. not all snow. south of town you won't see anything except light rain. north of town little bit of snow. this is 1:00 a.m. in the morning. put it into motion for you. by 2:45 a.m., a little bit of snow. but still, we see that line of a mix between manassas and dc up towards baltimore. then south of that fredericksburg pretty much all rain. andrews, hughesville and certainly all into southern maryland it is all rain. it races out of here which is good news. by 6:30 a.m. in the morning everything is gone. morning commute will be fine in terms of weather. nothing will be falling from the sky. sunshine returning tomorrow
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very quickly and the winds will pick up behind this storm. so dress for the windchills tomorrow which will be in the teens and 20s. temperatures will not rebound very much at all during the afternoon hours. all right. this is on our website a trace to an inch essentially from northern charles county up to gaithersburg. maybe 1 to 2 inches. and maybe pushing it up along the maryland/p.a. border. that's why the advisories have been posted. temperatures? still pretty warm. 39 downtown. 39 in arlington. 35 in leightonsville. 38 in reston. 37 in leesburg. so this doesn't really hinge on what falls from the sky but it does affect if anything actually cumulate once it does fall. here is our storm. it was a good storm in parts of the midwest. gave st. louis 9 inches of snow and looks like it will give much of northern sections of kentucky and parts of southern ohio about 6 inches of snow but generally all this heavy
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activity will kind of go around us, already snowing in pittsburgh. not snowing here. and that system will eventually recenter and become another storm off the coast. by the time it does that it is too far north of us. all we will get is some sloppy leftovers over the next say 12 hours. light snow or mix tonight. precipitation. 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. that's the window. starting as a rain or mix. dc south and east. dusting to an inch by 7:00 p.m. and i guess the big news is arctic air to follow in a big way. for tonight then light snow developing or mix. around an inch. dc north and west. lows 25 to about 30. tomorrow morning, temps don't do much. returning partly cloudy very quickly. temperatures in the 20s to 30. in the afternoon we will hold almost steady between 30 and 35. so dress for the windchills tomorrow. look at this. on saturday upper 20s. sunday upper 20s. next seven days it stays cold on monday too. maybe a little bit of light snow or flurries late monday and still the potential for a coastal storm on tuesday. we are watching that.
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temperatures still cold on tuesday. low 30s. then behind that really not bad. some of the arctic air relaxes its grip so to speak. upper 30s on wednesday. then low to mid-40s on thursday. a reminder we do start tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. in case there are any delays or heaven forbid closings. >> stuff to keep in mind. thank you, topper. we appreciate it. we will be right back. we want to hear what you think. sends your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address is 9 news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight our good friend john from chantill y, virginia, had this to say. they are not brushing their preelection promises under the rug and hiding them they are publicly touting them and keeping them but after months of campaigning against health care reform and winning an election on that platform then voting to repeal it they don't have a plan to fix our flawed health care system? surely the media didn't just cover that part of the story. please tell me it isn't so. as the baseball great joe jackson reportedly said many, many years ago, it is so, son, it is so. republicans say they will come up with things later.
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then there was this on the proposal to have the district issue a through f letter grades for restaurants based on the results of health inspections. janet from frederick, maryland, was among many that liked that one. restaurant grading why not. the government is already too involved in telling us what to eat and drink, how much to eat and drink and very busy thinking up ways to tax consumers. in my opinion they should leave that alone and do something like the proposed grading system that would actually be of public value she said. finally this from mark in fredericksburg, virginia. "i have to hear my wife say mr. mcginty wears the ugliest ties and his wardrobe doesn't match ." it opens. keep wearing what you are doing and doing what you are doing because i love talking to my wife no matter
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what the conversation is about. mark, it is obvious to me your wife has great taste in men but in clothing perhaps not so much. but you can feel free to question my taste or anything else. just drop us a line. the address well, that is our report. i'll be right back here tonight 11:00 p.m. along with anita brickman. don't forget, log on anytime to remember, andree, monica, howard all here tomorrow with the latest on the weather. we will see you later. bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: comments@captioncolorado. com
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> ricky on the record. >> i don't think i did anything wrong. >> the controversial golden globes host answers his critics. >> please welcome, ashton kutcher's dad, bruce willis. >> did he go too far? >> i have to go up there and roast them. then -- >> there's rumors of a sex tape. >> nancy grills camille. does she have a secret past in films? >> the girls are saying you were involved in a soft porn movie. >> that, i'm not proud of. the new judges. how did they do? >> you can't look at it really? oh. >> t


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